What Is A Qi Infusion?

Qi Infusions™ contain 100% organic sugar balls There are no herbs used in the creation of these products and no additional ingredients of any kind added at any part of its manufacturing. These products may look like homeopathic remedies, but this is not homeopathy. In fact, it is based on medical Qi Gong, a method that goes back over three thousand years.

Every single Qi Infusion sugar pill provides a standardized, replicable energy infusion designed to provide specific therapeutic benefits. No two Infusion products are the same. Each is designed to focus on the energy underpinnings of a specific health condition and to resolve those energy imbalances as quickly as possible.

Unlike homeopathic medicine, which tends to be vague in its definitions of what it can help and confusing to pick the right one as a novice consumer– Qi Infusions™ are designed to be used by general consumers who are seeking relief from symptoms for clearly specified conditions. Because these Infusions are designed to cause no side effects in people who do not need them, anyone can self-select a treatment he or she feels will benefit them. The worst case is that you do not need the intervention and the energy simply gets recycled back into the environment without impacting you. The best case is that it benefits you deeply. Isn’t this exactly the kind of help you are looking for? Finally, an intervention that causes no harm!