Balance Yin & Yang Qi Infusion


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Western Perspective

When it comes to “energy”, scientists focus on measurable forces. Among these are electromagnetic radiation, chemical bonds, and ions. According to Western medicine pH, proper nutrition, and controlled exposure to x-rays, sunlight, and electrical charges are examples of energies that must be in balance for a person to remain healthy. Western medicine is reductionist in its thinking. Energy must be measurable to be real. Thus, the Chinese medical concepts of Qi, Yin, and Yang, and the Five Elements fall outside the scope of Western thinking because these are forces that are impossible to measure and quantify with mechanical and/or electrical tools.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Energy is the basis of all things. Qi, Yin & Yang, and the Five Elements form the energetic architecture that makes all things possible. Balance among these energies is key to health, wellness, and longevity. While unmeasurable with scientific tools, these energies have been measured by healers for thousands of years through pulse diagnosis, tongue assessment, abdominal palpation, and so on. Which is to say, there are subjective methods to measure the relative balance of these energies. While every tissue is different as to the relative proportions required of each, Yin and Yang must to be in balanced with each other in every tissue for all elements of the body to function harmoniously.

Balance Yin & Yang Qi Infusion

This Infusion balances Yin and Yang system-wide throughout the body. By balancing Yin and Yang so profoundly, this treatment is designed to support the whole person in a manner similar to a “tonic” that can provide regular system support periodically and whenever needed.

When To Use

Use once daily for one month each year and once a month in between. Also use as needed whenever the energy has been upset such as after illnesses or periods of intense emotions and/or stress.

How To Use


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This treatment strongly enhances the benefits of the Deep Sleep treatment especially for people with frequent wake ups during the night and very light sleep depth. This treatment can also enhance the benefits of all other Qi Infusions by supporting the whole person.

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