Fertile Essence Qi Infusion




Western Perspective

The reproductive system is a frequent source of aging complaints that include benign prostatic hypertrophy and prostatitis in men as well as ovarian and uterine discomforts and ailments in women. These are often treated with long term medications and surgery when necessary. As for fertility, Western medicine doesn’t call it “fertility”, instead they term it from the negative: “infertility”. “Infertility” is a situation where an individual or a couple are unable to conceive through natural means. To treat infertility, Western medicine utilizes medicines that stimulate ovulation, supplement insufficient hormones such as Progesterone, directly inseminate with IUIs, and directly implant fertilized eggs with in vitro fertilization.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Oriental medicine believes in preventative medicine to assist in asymptomatic aging of the reproductive organs. These include treating pathogens in these organs, regulating Qi and fluid movement, as well as maintaining healthy circulation.

In regards to fertility, Oriental medicine treats this condition from the positive, as “fertility” rather than “infertility”, the negative. Fertility is a capacity of the body that can in most cases be restored through regulation of the menstrual cycle and clearing energy imbalances such as cold excess in the womb, phlegm dampness, energy prolapses, and more. Oriental medicine has been treating male and female fertility for thousands of years on a daily basis and has many sophisticated methods for restoring this innate ability when it is impaired.

Fertile Essence Qi Infusion

This Infusion was created by an Oriental medical reproductive health and fertility specialist with decades of experience treating reproductive issues including fertility. This product is excellent for men and women for preventative maintenance as well as the symptoms of many reproductive organ complaints. When used for fertility, it is designed to be used by both male and female partners simultaneously, even if Western medical tests have confirmed that one partner or the other bears a greater known responsibility for the fertility difficulties. Clearly, it cannot rebuild missing organs such as lack of testicles or missing vas deferens or heal a bifurcated uterus. However, most individuals with no known organ anomalies may benefit tremendously from this energy intervention. People with no difficulty with fertility may also find this treatment provides excellent preventative medicine benefits in keeping the reproductive and glandular system healthy as one ages.

When To Use

When seeking to get pregnant, both partners should utilize this treatment three times a day for the first ten days of every menstrual cycle until a pregnancy is confirmed. For preventative medicine to maintain healthy reproductive and glandular health, apply this treatment three times a day for the first week then once monthly thereafter.

Do not use this treatment when pregnant.

How To Use


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