Classical Energy Medicine

The Sages of ancient Oriental medicine did not practice medicine in the way we think of medicine today. Rather, classical medicine, according to the Neijing and the Nanjing, the oldest surviving Chinese medical texts, embodied a perspective on health and disease that was both simple and elegant: Everything physical is first made out of energy – including our bodies. When the underlying energy of the body is imbalanced, disease develops. To heal deeply and completely, instead of focusing on healing the body first, heal the energy first and the body will naturally return to an asymptomatic state.

Ancient Oriental medicine practiced what can best be called “Energy First” medicine. To heal the body you must first heal the energy. This therapeutic art based on traditional physics was so successful, that it expanded across all of Asia and withstood the acidic nature of time without being tarnished or diminished. In fact, Oriental energy medicine has been used for thousands of years on a daily basis over a land mass greater than the United States to treat every health condition imaginable.

For thousands of years it was the one and only primary medicine of a majority of Asian nations. Even after the ascension of Western medicine with its MRI machines, magic bullet pharmaceutical medicines, and vaccines – most Asian countries continue to this day to entrust “energy first” medicine as an invaluable component of their healthcare systems.

A majority of people today have heard of acupuncture. But few understand that the needles themselves are superfluous. Needles, herbs, gua sha (spooning), suction cups, tuina (traditional massage), or medical Qi Gong – these are all in many ways interchangeable methods for balancing energy to relieve the symptoms of disease. Which method a practitioner chooses is not as important as the end result – healing the body by balancing the energy first.

Instead of focusing primarily on tissues, glands, hormones, and nerves, classical Oriental medicine focused on principles of traditional physics – Qi (the universal particle, pronounced “chee”), and Yin and Yang (the most basic law of traditional physics that defines how energy moves and changes), Heaven, Man, and Earth (how energy creates the three dimensions), the four directions (how energy moves in space over time) and the Five Elements (the phases that Qi rotates through in its normal transformations). Thousands of years later, modern practitioners of these same medical arts continue to rely on these same traditional physics principles to guide them in healing their patients.

Those of us raised in the Western world have grown up in an altogether different paradigm. The physical elements of health and disease are the primary focus of modern medicine. Tissues (ie. bones and organs), molecules, and DNA receive the focus of our medical theory. Today, the energy of the body as it is understood in the West – its atoms, molecules, and molecular bonds – are only important to the degree that they help to define better pharmaceutical drugs. Never do we talk about the energy of the lungs having anything to do with asthma or COPD. And certainly no Western physician would prescribe energy medicine as the best possible cure for cancer or any other life threatening diseases.

If you look back at the history of medicine, it is clear that the oldest and most successful medicine on earth is not Western medicine but traditional Eastern energy medicine. It is thousands of years old and is still actively used today around the globe.

Up until recently, a patient relied entirely on highly trained practitioners to perform Eastern medicine. One thing that Western medicine has taught us, however, is that people want at-home self-care to be used as needed. Pharmaceutical drugs are profoundly helpful interventions for when you need them most – when you are at home at odd hours of the day. And, on top of that, Western homeopathy has proven that energy medicine can be prescribed in just this same way – to heal oneself as needed without an office visit and a co-pay. What if we merged the benefits of at-home self-care with the low risk and holistic insights of traditional Oriental energy medicine? You could treat yourself at home at any time with treatments you need and you can treat yourself with incredible ease. Introducing: Qi Infusions™ – medical Qi Gong encapsulated sugar pills. Qi Infusions™ are incredibly powerful energy medicine interventions available immediately to you when you need them most.