Back & Spine Qi Infusion




Western Perspective

The back and spine is the source of many discomforts for people. Problems can arise in these locations from poor posture, poor back support when lifting, mattresses going bad, and genetic weaknesses such as scoliosis. The sciatic nerve is a nerve that extends from the spine down into the leg. Sciatica is a condition of pain, weakness, tingling and/or numbness in the leg as the result of compression on the sciatic nerve by the vertebral processes along the lumbar-sacral spine. Pain can be local to the spine or radiate all the way to the feet. Carpal tunnel syndrome often originates from compression at cervical 6, 7 and thoracic 1 along the spine. Western treatment includes everything from icing, heating, non steroidal anti-inflammatories, rest, physical therapy, and, surgical interventions including spinal fusions for low back issues and cutting the aponeurosis at the wrist for carpal tunnel.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Back pain often follows the Yang meridians (energy pathways) of the legs: the Bladder, Gallbladder, and/or Stomach channels. Water excess, dampness, phlegm, and Wood excess are all possible causes of the disorder. Clearing these energies from the meridians leads to the fastest possible relief.

Back & Spine Qi Infusion

This Infusion relaxes the energy of the soft tissues of the low back and opens the channel system so that obstructions in the energy channels that cause pain and numbness can naturally clear. Yin and Yang are balanced in these meridians to restore proper energy flow.

When To Use
Apply three times a day until the symptoms fully resolves.

How To Use


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