Colds Qi Infusion


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Western Perspective

Colds are viral infections from the Rhinovirus family. They commonly cause nasal congestion, sore throat, headaches, chills, and fatigue. Over the counter remedies can reduce nasal congestion and anti-virals are available for those who are so severely immuno-compromised that even a cold poses a threat. Otherwise, the best remedy is time.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Colds are caused by Wind Cold, Wind Heat, and Wind Damp pathogenic factors that invade past the protective Wei Qi into the energy channels and then the organs. Treatment includes clearing Wind Cold/Wind Heat/Wind Damp from the energy system.

Colds Qi Infusion

This Infusion utilizes incredibly powerful energy methods to clear the pathogenic Qi. Additional focus is directed towards restoring the protective Wei Qi and healing the energy of colonized tissues to protect against secondary pathogenic invasions.

When To Use

Apply once an hour for 12 hours or until the acute symptoms dissipate. You can use this remedy preventatively by applying it once a day when you are in direct contact with a cold sufferer even if you are asymptomatic. But do not use proactively for longer than one week.

How To Use


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What we ascribe as “colds” are not always rhinoviruses. This treatment can help no matter the actual pathogen type if the symptoms are cold-like symptoms. Sometimes, flu symptoms and cold symptoms can appear simultaneously. The Flu Qi Infusion treatment will assist if the pathogen invades into the fluids, which can cause throbbing headaches, more intense sore throats, and feverishness (signs of a hot pathogen). The Sinus treatment is best if the cold passes but a sinus infection lingers on afterword.

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