How Do Qi Infusions Actually Work

When a single infused Qi Infusion™ sugar pill is touches the lips or is put into the mouth (you do not need to eat it — you can spit the pills immediately out, in fact), the energy that is encapsulated in the sugar is released. It then flows through the energy of the body to specific locations of the energy anatomy and rectifies energy imbalances as necessary. The Hot Flashes Qi Infusion™ treatment, for instance, balances “Yin and Yang” energy in the major glands as one part of a large litany of strategies it employs. When energy is balanced, the body is asymptomatic. Thus, returning energy back to balance is the ultimate goal of each and every Infusion. If someone uses an Infusion he or she doesn’t need, there is no negative effect on the energy at all because it is already in a perfect state. This energy is recycled into the energy field around you without treating others. Do not touch other people or pets when applying an Infusion as both of you would receive the intervention.

According to classical theory, energy has a very specific anatomical structure. Every person and every animal’s energy follows a precisely defined anatomy that is very different from modern ideas of anatomy. If the wrong Element of the Five Elements is in the wrong location within this energy anatomy, this leads to symptoms of illness and disease – especially if there is a large quantity of this errant Element. When imbalances in the Five Elements are addressed so that the wrong Elements in the wrong locations are transformed into the correct Elements, then the symptoms of disease lessen or completely resolve.

Simply put, Qi Infusions™ are designed to return specific locations of energy back to their balanced energy state. If you are already balanced in a specific location and take a Qi Infusion you don’t actually need, it will result in no negative impact or side effect because everything is already exactly where it should be on the energy level. If, on the other hand, the energy is imbalanced where the Qi Infusion is treating, this imbalance is rectified piece-by-piece with each dose of the Qi Infusion™. How long a symptom takes to completely go away is dependent on the quantity of the errant Element(s). You can think of this as marbles in a bucket. A couple of marbles doesn’t take long to take out of a bucket one-by-one. But a bucket full of marbles may take a heck of a lot longer by comparison. If there is only a little imbalanced energy in a given location, a single dose of an Infusion may resolve the entire imbalance. If there is a tremendous amount of imbalanced energy (ie. after years of suffering a disease state), then it may take many many doses – as there are metaphorically a lot more marbles in the bucket.

It is not necessary to refrigerate Qi Infusions™. They are shelf stable and do not expire.

Some Infusions also treat what are called “pathogens” in Oriental medicine, which are akin to infectious microbes from a Western perspective. When treating pathogens, the body has to process the destroyed pathogen. The effect on the body is commonly known as a “die off” or Herxheimer reaction where the body can feel achy, flu-like, and can cause foggy thinking and irritability for up to several days depending on the severity of the pathogenic infection. Applying more doses than recommended can cause more intense die off symptoms in this situation. If you feel off after using an Infusion, it is because infectious pathogens were killed off and your body is clearing the debris. In this case, drink plenty of plain water to help your lymphatic system remain flush with fluid until you feel back to normal. This is not a side effect, as the Infusion is actually doing what it intends to do — bring you back to balance. Sometimes killing pathogens is the necessary step to achieve this goal.

The bottom line, however, is that Qi Infusions™ are designed from the ground up to cause little or no side effects. You can expect the frequency of side effects to be similar to those of acupuncture – which is widely considered to be one of the safest medicines around.