Sinus Qi Infusion


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Western Perspective

Sinuses are cavities in the bones of the head that can, at times, become havens for infectious microbes. The most common Western intervention is the use of antibiotics. However, it is extremely common for sinus infections to become recurrent with multiple outbreaks on a seasonal or yearly basis.

Oriental Medical Perspective

The sinuses have a strong relationship with Metal Qi that is associated with the respiratory system. When Metal Qi is in a state of excess it often generates phlegm, which is thick and compacting. Earth excess in the sinuses also generates dampness which can generate yellow or green discharge with a pungent odor. The location of the frontal sinuses is at a crossing point of many Yang energy meridians. As a result, pathogenic energy (the energy that builds up with a microbial infection) often collects in the sinuses. To treat sinus imbalances, the Eastern approach is to purge pathogenic Qi and to restore Yin and Yang balance in the local area.

Sinus Qi Infusion

This Infusion is designed to attack pathogens and purge their excess energies in the sinuses. Restoration of Five Element balance is designed to open the sinus cavity and heal the mucus membranes

When To Use

Apply three times a day until the sinus symptoms clear. In acute conditions, use hourly until the sinuses once again feel open and clear.

How To Use


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