Cautions & Contraindications

Please follow the following safety precautions when using Qi

  1. Qi Infusions™ use 100% organic sugar (not lactose) as the vehicle of transmission. If you are allergic to white sugar you should not take this product
  2. Pregnant women should avoid using Qi Infusions™ just as a general precaution, unless prescribed by a practitioner trained in this medicine.
  3. Do not use Qi Infusions™ while driving vehicles or operating heavy machinery, as some Infusions are designed to cause relaxation and may be unsafe to use at those moments of time.
  4. If you are taking medications while using Qi Infusions™, beware of reductions in your need for those medications that might cause pharmaceutical drug side effects to arise. For instance, high blood pressure may drop with Qi Infusions™ that improve circulation or relax the body. Glands, such as the thyroid, may improve their function. So, always pay close attention to any changes in your medical situation that might require a physician’s alterations of your dosing if you are taking Western drugs.
  5. Never stop taking a Western pharmaceutical drug that has been prescribed to you without first consulting a physician.
  6. Keep these products away from children to avoid inadvertent self-treatment. That said, a child will not over-dose with these products. But they certainly could gobble it all up in a single handful.
  7. There is no contraindication taking Qi Infusions™ with other healing methods such as Western drugs (outside of what was mentioned above), physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, aromatherapy, Yoga, acupuncture, and so on. You may safely enjoy our products as part of your regular health maintenance. However, apply the Infusion alone (as in not in a mouthful of other supplements) for best results.
  8. Apply when not touching other people or pets or the treatment will be inadvertently shared with whomever you are touching