The Five Day Window

Because the roots of disease can sometimes lie many energy levels deep underneath the surface, the impacts of Qi Infusions™ sometimes need to “bubble” to the surface layer by layer. As a result, treatment impacts are not always immediately obvious. In fact, it is extremely common for people to notice improvements only after five days after using a Qi Infusion™. We call this “the Five Day Window.” You can experience benefits almost immediately with some Infusions but sometimes it can take days.

Within this five day window, sometimes the symptoms get worse, as indicated in the previous chapter. But this is actually extremely rare. Please read that content to understand how to deal with this situation should it arise.

This five day pause between taking a remedy and experiencing its impacts can be confusing as it can be hard to draw a clear line between the Qi Infusion™ making health impacts versus other healing interventions that are employed or ingested during the five day window. If you have the ability to watch your symptoms without taking other alternative medicine remedies or applying any other healing modalities (ie., massage or chiropractic medicine), the causal lines will be clearest. Of course, this is not at all necessary. You can use our products at the same time that you utilize any or all of your other self-care modalities. It is only suggested if you want to know with absolute certainty which intervention is having the biggest impact that you stick to one remedy at a time.

At no time should you discontinue prescribed Western medications without the advice and consent of your physician as abrupt changes in medications can be dangerous in some circumstances.