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In 2008, the Qi Infusion line launched in the Upstate, NY region. It was a huge success and soon founds its way into several regional natural food stores.  Our top seller and fan favorite by far was the Deep Sleep Qi Infusion.

Manufacturing was was always a one person job at the time. So, in 2015, the product line was temporarily discontinued when that one person moved to Spain for half the year.  People were sad that the Deep Sleep Qi Infusion was discontinued. For years, requests for its return was a common refrain.

In the ensuing years, we discovered quite a bit more about energy and the sleep cycle. This has allowed us to further refine what is now the new and improved Deep Sleep Qi Infusion.

You apply this infusion immediately before bedtime or in the middle of the night after an undesired wake up. Do not use during day time as it can cause drowsiness. Do not use while operating heavy machinery.

Please note that the new product uses 100% organ sugar balls (ingested or touching the lips). Sunflower oil application has been discontinued.

Deep Sleep Qi Infusion™

Western Perspective

Sleep is governed by natural stages from light consciousness to deep sleep. People who suffer from light sleep or frequent wake ups may be suffering from stress, anxiety, pain, hormone changes, and even the side effects of pharmaceutical medications. Treatments range from sedatives, hormone supplements such as melatonin, cognitive behavioral therapy, and even meditation and bio-feedback.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Sleep is a Yin activity conducted at the height of Yin in the 24 hour cycle of the day – from dusk until dawn. This is a time of replenishing the Yin reserves that are half of the battery pack that provides sustained energy throughout the day (Yang being the other half). Insomnia is broken down into two types: difficulty falling asleep as well as frequent wake ups. Difficulty falling asleep relates to Heart and/or Liver Blood deficiency. Frequent wake ups relates to Yin deficiency in any organ, but most often in the Heart and Kidney organs.

How Deep Sleep Qi Infusion Works

This Infusion settles the Yin in the bones, the most Yin tissue of the body for an inward movement of consciousness that precedes deep sleep. This Infusion also combines Earth Qi and Water Qi together to enrich the Yin.

When To Use

Use right before bedtime or as many times as needed during the night. Do not use while driving or manipulating heavy machinery as this treatment may cause drowsiness.

How To Use


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Tranq will reduce stress. Stress causes lighter sleep and waking up between 4-6am. Hot Flashes can reduce hot flashes caused wake ups. Balance Yin and Yang can support this treatment by supporting the Yin, which is essential for a good night sleep.

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