Deep Sleep Qi Infusion



In 2008, the Qi Infusion line launched in the Upstate, NY region. It was a huge success and soon founds its way into several regional natural food stores.  Our top seller and fan favorite by far was the Deep Sleep Qi Infusion.

Manufacturing was was always a one person job at the time. So, in 2015, the product line was temporarily discontinued when that one person moved to Spain for half the year.  People were sad that the Deep Sleep Qi Infusion was discontinued. For years, its return was a common refrain.

In the ensuing years, we discovered quite a bit more about the sleep cycle. This has allowed us to now beta test a new and improved Deep Sleep Qi Infusion. You can be one of the first to sample a full bottle (approximately 200 drops of treated organic sunflower oil; one drop is necessary to help fall asleep) of this updated fan favorite.

At this time, there is no plan to revive other products in the original Qi Infusions series. This was our fan favorite, so it is the one we are launching as version 2.0.


Apply one drop of Deep Sleep Qi Infusion on the back of one hand and rub it in for 3 seconds immediately when you wish to fall asleep. Do not apply at times you wish to be awake. Do not use heavy equipment or drive after applying the drops as you will likely find yourself in a groggy state.