Detox Qi Infusion




Western Perspective

The term “detox” is often a generic word without much meaning. However, there are actually known pathways in the body that help the body clear debris such as via methylation and the MTHFR enzyme and also via MAO and COMT enzymes to break down stress hormones.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Toxins have a specific meaning in Chinese medicine that relates to the Five Elements. We have toxins specific to each Element, such as Fire Toxins, Water Toxins, Metal Toxins and so on. These relate to energies too strong to be in the body that must be cleared for optimum well being

Detox Qi Infusion

This is the only new Qi Infusion in this special relaunch of the product line. It was created because so many people have broken MTHFR, COMT, and MAO genes resulting in extended periods of suffering after illnesses with the MTHFR enzyme unable to methylate B vitamins or extended periods of high stress from the inability of the body to break cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine down once secreted into circulation. This intervention is designed to help you detox in ways that you might be incapable of doing on your won.

When To Use

Use three times a day until the symptoms of stress or symptoms of enduring toxicity are reduced.

How To Use


Other Recommended Products

Treatments that attack pathogens can help reduce pathogen toxins in the body such as Sinus, Colds , and Flu Infusions. Tranq can also help reduce stress and make one less likely to be triggered by stress in the first place. Clear My Emotions can also stop a stressful event from allowing stress to persist, limiting secretion of stress hormones.

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