Instructions: How To Use Qi Infusions

How To Use The New Qi Infusions “Pixie Dust Series”

A Pinch Will Do It

picture of a someone grabbing a pinch of 100% organic sugar

We call the new version of Qi Infusions our “Pixie Dust Series” because our product has been redesigned from the bottom to the top to be more environmentally sustainable and more flexible as a tool, empowering you to control the intensity of Qi Infusions you utilize. Below you will find a Quick Start Guide and further down in the page you will find our Tips & Tricks for taking advantage of the flexibility offered by this new approach.


Qi Infusions Pixie Dust Series is made of 100% organic sustainably grown sugar crystals that you do not eat. The product is designed to release energy on touch with your fingers or against your skin. Products that go into the mouth often come along with many more FDA specified rules. We avoid this by designing this product to be activated in the hands and then discarded in a sink, garbage, or the toilet. Unlike the Qi Infusions oils that have been discontinued, there is no danger if you place the pinch of sugar in the mouth — the worst thing this will cause is the release of the energy as if rubbing it against the skin. The product was designed to be rubbed between the fingers. This is how you can control the energy release, as you will see below.

Quick Start Guide

1. Grab a single small pinch (10-15 crystals) between two fingers

2. Rub these crystals against each other and against the skin for 3 seconds

3. Discard the crystals in the sink, a garbage, or toilet

4. Enjoy the energy that is released

Tips & Tricks

Unlike the oil version of our Qi Infusions, you can control the energy released by our products through two mechanisms: a) how long you rub the crystals and b) how many crystals you use

For the lightest possible energy release, grab fewer than 5 crystals. Do not rub them. Simply grab them from the package and then discard them.

For the strongest possible energy release, grab roughly 20 or more crystals in your pinch and rub them together for 15 seconds. There is no additional benefit rubbing longer than 15 seconds and there is no additional benefit using more than 20 crystals.

For a medium energy release, follow the Quick Start Guide above

The number of crystals you include in your pinch determines the resonance of the energy (akin to the number of times a bell is rung). The more crystals, the more that metaphorical bell rings. The length of time you rub the crystals against each other and or the skin determines the intensity of the energy released (akin to how loud the bell is rung each time it is rung). Experiment to find out what feels best for you. Each product will likely vary in what feels most ideal.

FYI, though we do not recommend eating our products as mentioned earlier, accidental putting a pinch in the mouth will result in a medium energy release. There is no danger to children or pets should they accidentally eat the product. They will simply get a single instance of medium energy release. Our products are safe for children of all ages, all types of pets, and even sprinkled on plants.