Instructions: How To Use Qi Infusions

How To Use Qi Infusions

New and Improved: You Control The Intensity

Qi Infusions are made out of 100% organic sugar balls. They look like homeopathic pills but this is not homeopathy — but a new expression of medical Qi Gong. You control the intensity of your energy infusion each time you use the product. 1 tiny sugar ball is a super light intervention whilst 10 represents the highest possible intensity (more than 10 is equivalent to 10). You control the intensity that works best for you. Each Qi Infusion contains approximately 300 tiny sugar balls — which means almost a year of daily usage at a super light interventions or approximately a month of daily usage at the highest possible power (also, please note that many of our products are not needed to be used daily — meaning each Infusion you buy can last a very long time).

  1. Decide how strong you want your infusion
  2. Count out the number of sugar balls between 1 to 10 that matches the intensity you desire.
  3. Make sure all of the sugar balls you are taking are in your mouth at the same time or touching your lips.
  4. You can swallow the balls or spit them out. Once the energy is transferred, it is out of the pills and they can’t be reused — but they also do not need to be ingested.

The products are shelf stable and do not expire.

Tips & Tricks

Start off using the lightest intensity (1 sugar ball). If it works to your satisfaction — terrific! If not, step up to 2 sugar pills together, then 3 together and so forth as needed. Find the intensity that is right for your unique body and your unique needs.