What Are Qi Infusions

Thousands of years ago, there was no division between medicine, Feng Shui (traditional physics), and medical Qi Gong (the original martial art designed around balancing energy). At that moment in history, especially gifted healers used intuitive methods of diagnosis followed by energy methods of healing without the use of acupuncture needles, herbs, or any other physical intervention of any sort.

Ethan Borg, the creator of Qi Infusions™, is a contemporary healer who can practice Eastern medicine without needles or herbs. Studying the classics of Oriental medicine, teaching these classics and their underlying traditional physics to students of his unique method called Eminus Mirus, and treating thousands of patients in his clinic led Ethan to the revelation that he could infuse at home self care tools with traditional Oriental energy medicine and that these tools could provide amazing healing benefits to people at all hours of the day. They offered consistent, standardized results with patient after patient. And as they were designed to balance energy based on traditional Oriental medicine, they were unlikely to cause major side effects. Furthermore, people who were already in a balanced state would be unaffected by the interventions. Ethan added a new twist. By applying classical theory to modern ideas of anatomy and physiology, Ethan’s treatments could provide incredibly fast results (like Western medicine) with all of the gentleness of Eastern medicine. He called this integrated model of energy medicine: Fu Xi Wen.

Utilizing classical energy medicine in his clinic, Ethan has helped hundreds of infertile couples conceive, he has helped autistic children verbalize more and better socially integrate, he has helped thousands of infections of all different varieties disappear practically overnight without antibiotics, he has worked with hundreds of cancer patients avoid relapses, and he has helped patients struggling with hopelessness find new hope.

In 2007, Ethan wrote Fu Xi Wen, An Introduction To Open Source Medicine, as a way of introducing the world to the first version of his integrated energy medicine model. Later, this would become a whole healing modality called Eminus Mirus, as mentioned above. Ethan’s methods treat more deeply and quickly than acupuncture and herbal medicine. The body’s energy is built like the layers of an onion. Acupuncture needles treat the first two layers of this energy. Herbs treat the first three. But there is no limit to the number of layers Ethan’s treatments can penetrate. If a problem is four layers deep, it may take months to treat with acupuncture but only days with Fu Xi Wen.

So, what are Qi Infusions™?

Qi Infusions™ are encapsulated Eastern energy treatments that are designed to treat specific states at their deepest energy roots with the goal of alleviating the symptoms of many physical, emotional, and spiritual complaints. Qi Infusions™ are incredibly powerful energy interventions that are designed not just to treat symptoms – but, when possible, to clear the root imbalances at the deepest core of an ailment or disease. Balancing energy leads to improvement or complete resolution of physical ailments according to classical healers. And this has been corroborated by Ethan’s clinical practice time and time again.

In 2010, a company now known as Qi Infusions developed products for the marketplace that could provide relief for the symptoms of many health complaints based on Ethan Borg’s clinical methods. These products made their way to stores across the New York state region. In 2015, the products were still being made by hand by Ethan and so they were discontinued at stores while Ethan moved temporarily to Spain. What you will find on this website are the equivalent of Qi Infusions™ version 2.0 — new and improved in every way!

The theoretical foundation of Qi Infusions™ can be used to treat just about any health complaint – through the fundamental principle of: “energy first”.