You Look Amazing Qi Infusion




Western Perspective

Many beauty products on the market are designed to strengthen the collagen fibers of the face for improved beauty. There are also cover up chemical mixtures of various sorts that hide pores and wrinkles to soften and smooth the skin. Other Western approaches include surgical face lifts and injections of various sorts.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Facial care is not vanity, it is healthcare.

The face is a microsystem of the entire body. Healing features of the face that improve visual beauty also happens to heal other areas of the body as well. But this only happens when you utilize an inside out approach – that is, heal the inside of the body to heal the outside. The cause of wrinkles is often related to prolapses in the fibers inside the skin and flesh as well as aging decline in the bones deep beneath the superficial structure that reduces the tautness of the entire skull. Healing the bones and improving circulation to the skin helps to maintain smooth, glowing, tight facial features.

You Look Amazing Qi Infusion

This Infusion tightens prolapses in the very small collateral channels throughout the skin of the face. It also clears water excess in the skin responsible for freckling. This Infusion also treats swelling beneath the eyes causing bagginess.

When To Use

Use three times a day every day for a month. Then use once weekly thereafter for continued balancing of the skin.

How To Use


Other Recommended Products

The Tranq treatment can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety that can lead to the face looking older. The Hot Flashes remedy and Fertile Essence remedy both balance glands and hormones that are responsible for a healthy glow. The Deep Sleep treatment can help reduce dark circles beneath the eyes by assisting in deeper, more restful sleep.

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