Libid-Oh Qi Infusion


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Western Perspective

Libido is a function mainly of reproductive hormones such as testosterone. Low testosterone can produce diminished sexual interest. Certain pharmaceutical medications can also lower libido. Also, psychological ailments such as depression can cause low libido. Treatment often focuses on testosterone supplementation and changing medications.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Sexual interest is governed mainly by Kidney Yang with some relationship to Heart Yang as well. When the Yang is diminished or if Kidney or Heart Yin is excessive, libido suffers.

Libid-oh Qi Infusion

This Infusion invigorates Kidney and Heart Yang especially in the Kidney organs that govern reproductive health.

When To Use

Use three times a day until the symptoms of low libido improve.

How To Use


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The Tranq treatment can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety that can lead to impaired sexual interest. The Hot Flashes remedy and Fertile Essence remedy both balance glands involved in sexual desire.


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