The Story Behind Qi Infusions

The creator of Qi Infusions™ is not an Asian healer as one might expect, but a pleasant unassuming Western-trained acupuncturist and herbalist named Ethan Borg. Ethan, now based in Rochester, NY, stumbled upon the “ancient Chinese secrets” behind Qi Infusions™ as a result of a deep passion for his studies in classical Chinese medicine and an intense desire to know the deeper truths about acupuncture theory in order to best serve his patients.

Even for a Westerner, Ethan started off particularly “square” and conventional. A star athlete in high school and a successful pre-med student, Ethan had every reason to believe that he would follow his father’s footsteps into Western medicine. But that was not his path. Ethan started college with a health crisis of devastating proportions. A once flourishing immune system inexplicably collapsed. Every week, week after week, month after month, and year after year, Ethan felt flu-like symptoms envelop his entire body. And every single day during that dark period of his life, he struggled to keep his energy high enough to go to school and complete his course work.

Seven years of suffering ensued, along with physical depletion, and, at times, deep depression. He saw many physicians, and none could solve the problem of his seemingly inexplicable health crisis. Eventually, he was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and a host of allergies. But even with a proper diagnosis, Ethan did not find much relief in conventional Western medicine. In fact, some of his treatments appeared to Ethan more dangerous than his condition – allergy shots that caused anaphylactic shock and steroidal inhalers he was told would never cure his problems but only provide symptomatic relief, and, in the meantime, likely cause their own havoc in his system over the course of decades of expected use. Frustrated with his personal experiences, Ethan turned to Eastern medicine to see if he could find some relief. He found himself fascinated and then impressed by the successes that Eastern medicine could achieve. Within weeks of starting acupuncture, his allergies were all but gone and his energy increased dramatically.

By now, Ethan was an entrepreneur running tech companies during the Dot Com boom of the mid to late 1990s. But a lingering passion for medicine eventually reignited within him. Ethan was so impressed with Oriental medicine, he completely redirected his vocational path and went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the United States. There, he embarked on extra study to learn Chinese and Japanese acupuncture styles as well as traditional Chinese herbal medicine. An excellent student with a voracious appetite for ever more knowledge, Ethan went on to win a fellowship to study the classics of Chinese medicine. His first two books, The Secret Chamber and The Indispensable Book of Secrets were byproducts of Ethan’s exploration of classical texts. During his fellowship, Ethan began to carve out a unique path, exploring the intersecting lines between Eastern energy medicine from the classics of Chinese medicine and how they connected with modern understandings of anatomy and physiology unknown to traditional healers. What he discovered was a treasure – a method of healing with energy medicine that could cure many diseases almost as quickly as Western medicine but with few if any side effects. It was a treasure he wanted desperately to share with others.

In 2007, Ethan began exploring how to bring his Oriental energy medicine to the public. Years of false starts finally lead to a breakthrough: Qi Infusions™. Qi Infusions™ are the result of decades of clinical experience and scholarship along with thousands of patient visits in Ethan’s practice. They are the newest at-home, self-care treatments based on the oldest and most time-tested medical tradition in the world.