Bowels Constipation Qi Infusion




Western Perspective

Constipation can have many possible causes from lack of moisture in the intestines, to poor peristalsis, to side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and more. The Western approach is to use laxatives to stimulate bowel movements.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Constipation can have many energy causes including imbalances in organs, qi stagnation, Wood Qi invading digestive organs, and insufficient amounts of blood and/or fluids. From an Oriental perspective, the stools should have the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Constipation is defined as difficulty evacuating rather than based on the frequency of bowel movements, as some people naturally pass movements less regularly than others.

Bowels Constipation Qi Infusion

This Infusion helps with the symptoms of constipation by approaching it from various energy remedies including increasing fluids in the intestines, stimulating more Yang activity in the intestines, and clearing energy blockages.

When To Use

Apply once a day until the stools become loose. If the bowels become too moist with this treatment, it is possible to go to the other extreme of diarrhea. If you experience diarrhea with this treatment, discontinue using this Infusion until you need it again (in case the constipation returns).

How To Use


Other Recommended Products

The Allergy treatment may help those constipation sufferers whose constipation stems from inflammation from food allergies. The Tranq treatment may assist constipation that has a stress component and also balances the Autonomic Nervous System.

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