Depressed Discouraged & Feeling Low Qi Infusion




Western Perspective

Depression is often considered an imbalance in brain physiology and function leading to extended feelings of sadness, impending doom, low motivation, and or hopelessness. Anti-depressants are the most commonly prescribed medication for this condition. However, other medications that control neurotransmitters may also be applicable. Talk therapy is also often recommended.

Oriental Medical Perspective

Depression is almost always associated with some form of Liver imbalance. Other factors can also be related such as insufficiency of Fire and Wood Qi. A deficiency in Fire Qi translates into fewer experiences of happiness and joy. And insufficient Wood Qi corresponds with the inability to grow, connect, and transform. Oftentimes, people with an Earth Qi Constitution suffer from depression because of over-control over Water Qi. This often leads to dispersion of Water Qi into the circulating Ying which can cause feelings at the “Heart Orifice” of darkness and doom. Constitutional factors often start in childhood and have the capacity to continue throughout one’s entire life if left unchecked.

Depressed Qi Infusion

This Infusion balances Earth, Metal, and Water Qi in locations of the body where excesses in these Elements may lead to mood changes. This treatment addresses the impacts of Earth, Metal, and Water constitutions and their long-term impacts throughout the body, allowing Fire Qi and Wood Qi to once again thrive.

When To Use

Use as needed up to seven times a day.

How To Use


Other Recommended Products

The Tranq treatment can reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety that can worsen the symptoms of depression. The Hot Flashes remedy and Fertile Essence remedy both balance glands that impact mood and emotion. The Menstrual Frustrations treatment increases Liver Blood which can help with PMS related sadness.  Clear My Emotions can help reduce moment-by-moment feelings of depression. Deep Sleep can improve sleep and may help peripheral issues as well.

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