Sometimes Symptoms Worsen. What To Do

If, while using a Qi Infusion™, you have a symptom that worsens, this is not automatically a bad sign unless the symptom is dangerous, life threatening, or intolerable. If the symptom that worsens is dangerous or life threatening, then immediately stop using the Qi Infusion™ and contact a physician or emergency services (ie. 911) as necessary.

People often make the mistake of thinking a worsening symptom is a sign that a product is unhelpful, toxic, or “not for me”. But in reality, you sometimes actually need to feel worse (for a short period) to feel much, much better. Clearing a pathogen, for instance, leads to local inflammation and lymphatic congestion. The body has to process this congestion to fully heal, and this can be uncomfortable. Sometimes when treating pain, the pain moves from one joint to another. Sometimes when healing hot flashes, they at first surge.

If you experience symptoms that worsen while using an Infusion that are neither dangerous nor intolerable, we recommend that you do a check-in with your own intuition. Do you simply need to push through the discomfort to get to the other end of the healing process or do you need to stop for a while and take a break? It’s always okay to stop until the symptoms lessen and start again at a later point, if necessary. Healing the root of a problem is a lot more complicated than healing the symptoms. In some instance, to get to the goal, you have to walk a healing path. And that path is not always a straight line (ie. symptoms go up and down before they get entirely better) and sometimes this can be unpleasant.

With Qi Infusions™ the symptoms being addressed should get better or worse but they should not stay the same after weeks of regular use. Staying the same means the Infusion is not treating the root of your condition. Whereas getting worse or better is a sign that the deeper pathway is being impacted. And, unlike other tools that are designed to hide symptoms, the goal of our products is to not just clear symptoms but to heal the root problem at its core and provide persisting benefit.

Change of any kind is usually a good indicator of future success. If a symptom worsens, this should last no more than 1 week before it begins to significantly improve. A symptom should improve or worsen in intensity, location (ie. move around), or quality. No change at all three weeks after taking an Infusion is an indicator that the Qi Infusion™ may not be the right one for your condition. In that case, we encourage you to consider gifting it to a family member or friend and see if it happens to be the right Infusion for them. What is not right for you might turn out to change someone else’s life.

We strongly encourage you to keep a health journal while you use our products. Keeping notes on a daily basis about your symptoms can be invaluable in tracking the course of your overall progress. People sometimes don’t realize how much improvement they are experiencing until they see what has changed over time. Tracking this can be hugely helpful. Please see our Satisfaction Guarantee to understand how tracking your health with a health journal is helpful.