Biodegradable & Compostable

The new Qi Infusions line was redesigned from the ground up to be as green as possible. We decided it was not work creating v2.0 if it added more garbage to the planet.

Here are several facets of our greener construction:

  • Both the package that holds the energized 100% organic sugar and the mailer it is mailed in are comprised of dye-free kraft paper that can be thrown in your garden compost or recycled in paper recycling. Please note, if you are composting the envelope, remove the stamp and recycle that separately as that cannot be composted.
  • We are not using plastic labels on our products. Instead, we are using a nifty hand held inkjet printer that meets European Union environmental standards. The ink does not contain heavy metals according to the manufacturing safety sheet the manufacturer has submitted. As a byproduct of using a handheld printer, the product labeling is only 300 DPI and can smudge a bit. The cost of using the state-of-the-art technologies at our disposal for a green labeling system right now means the labels on our packaging are not high resolution and gorgeous.
  • Our product was designed to be mailed in first class envelopes rather than packages. Packages pose several problems: a) they require more “stuff” to make them, meaning more end waste, b) they require vehicle trips to post offices that burn fossil fuels, and c) they add weight and consume space creating delivery inefficiencies. Instead, a single first class envelope is thin, adds less weight as freight, and is picked up at our office by our mail carrier who is coming there anyway (already burning fossil fuels to perform this job every day). Because we can ship this way — we can also provide free shipping. Our shipping fees drop by a factor of 10 to a point that we can happily eat the postal cost.